Who am I?


On a healing path

In June 2002, I had been suffering from arthrosis for over 2 years, with a much disabled knee, which remained stuck halfway between being folded and unfolded. One day, as I was at work, a colleague asked me if I was interested in a book about psychological causes of physical disorders. As I was trying to explain to her how misled she was ("everyone should know this if it were true", I "knew" because there are many doctors in my family...), I started to enumerate every time I had had serious physical problems in my life. As I was doing so, I started to realize that each time I had been going through difficult times in my life. And when I mentionned my knee being blocked, I suddenly saw something that happened on the very day that it started being blocked : I saw myself walking out of the Managing Director's office with tears in my eyes, and then rushing to the toilet to hide myself and let it flow. When I saw that image, I immediately felt a release in my whole leg. From that minute onward, I have been on a healing path, which goes far beyond physical health : it has to do with healing my life and my soul.


To be followed...



In a "previous life", I lived in the UK for over 3 years. So, if you wish to contact me, I will be happy to talk or work with you.